Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Miss Spitfire: Reaching Helen Keller by Sarah Miller

I read this book for the first time on Saturday and it goes in my list of great books. It covers the story of Anne Sullivan's struggle to teach Helen Keller. Helen is spoiled by her parents and has no concept that there are such things as words; she is little more then an animal... until Anne gets there. Fighting against the Keller family's want of "no discipline", Anne can't get through to Helen emotionally. Can she show Helen the wonder of words some other way? Here is an excerpt from Miss Spitfire...
Yet a part of me understands Helen better then she does herself. I am no stranger to frustration, anger, isolation. I wonder, though, how Helen can be content to deprive herself of my affection? The thought of her indifference makes my throat sting, yet I cannot help but feeling drawn to her. If I only touch her heart I know I could Touch her mind. But she won't even let me touch her hand.
A small voice inside me cries I want to go home. Another answers. What Home?
I got this book through the Lancaster County Library system. I would give this book a number 10 rating. This book was probably the fifth I read on this subject but it was just as exciting to read about. The change Anne and Helen both go through is amazing.


Amelia Colleen said...

This really was a great book--I usually don't like it when a book is written in the present tense, but I think it added to the overall effect in this case. You really felt like you were right there with Annie. I also liked the way her thoughts were so naturally interspersed with the narrative.

Katie Bauguss said...

oooo, yes I read this book when I saw it on the new shelf at our library. I really liked it too! It gave told their story in a totally different perspective than I'd ever really heard before.

Mattie said...

It sounds really good!! I'm definitely going to look for it next time we go to the library... :)